About Jewels Rafter

Clairvoyant Since Childhood


 As a child Jewels had an intuitive “knowing” yet was constantly told that it was simply her imagination. Yet she continued to hear and speak to spirits and guides around her nonetheless. 

As a teen, she would often predict events in friends’ lives and did hands-on healing without even realizing she was healing people on many levels. She always felt spirit around her and found peace in the messages and light they shared.

Intuitive and Healing Abilities


 At 19, a traumatic life-or-death experience occurred that threw her intuition and abilities into full speed. In a predicament where she almost lost her life, her clairvoyant abilities went into overdrive! 

Following this incident, she would walk by people in the streets and pick up on intimate details about their lives, or saw things in their energy fields. Only then did she realize that this was her calling and that she was blessed with gifts  to help others. 

Living her Purpose Each Day


Her process has been an enlightening journey; it began as a confused child, that awakened into a gifted intuitive who thrives on sharing her gifts with others to help them find peace, hope and clarity. 

After having experienced challenging and abusive relationships throughout her life, she discovered a deep empathy for others, and developed a special connection with women in need. Relationships and trauma are her specialty areas, as well as intuitive development, guidance and coaching. 



Front Page of the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper!



In November 2018, Jewels was interviewed by the Ottawa Citizen newspaper and made front page on December 31st, 2018!

International Bestselling Author

In 2016, Jewels published her first international bestseller "Guided by the Light: Following Your Angelic Guides".  It ranked bestseller in Canada, US and UK in less than 48 hours! Her book can be purchased on amazon.com, walmart.com and indigo.ca

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