Once in awhile our journey in life takes us down a pathway that is meant to be walked not in solitude, but rather beside someone who reaches out and touches our heart in such a way that reminds us we are worthy of friendship, compassion and unconditional love. When we think we are alone in our grief and utterly broken; divine intervention intercedes on our behalf; giving us who or what we need in someone who gently gives us loving guidance, blessed affirmation, and positive inspiration. It is up to us to be open to what unfolds as we journey through these moments, and by being open to the mysteries and wonders of the sheer beauty within the pain; we then open ourselves up to an even more profound joy than we ever imagined could be felt. Being open to this kind of amazement begins with being open to the kind of people who can and will change your life. Jewels has been just such that kind of precious gift to me in my journey through the profound grief and loss of Jeff. Her gifts are healing, hopeful, powerful and life-changing. My first reading with Jewels was therapeutic and cleansing; I cried and released so much that I had been carrying inside. It was the beginning of a transformation. This weekend I felt a strong pull to connect with her once again & the difference in the dynamics of the readings was undeniable. There is no doubt a shift within my heart and soul, and she blessed me with encouraging and positive affirmation that I am indeed on the right path to healing and peace. I will be forever filled with gratitude for this lovely soul, and recommend her with my entire being if you are seeking enlightenment, peace, validation, and love. Thank you my dear Jewels – much love!

- Kelli Poppe-Havel 

I was so excited when I won a free reading with Jewels Rafter. When I found out that I had won I started thinking about what I wanted to ask her and I could only come up with two questions. I thought to myself , well this will be a short reading…LOL  Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed. Jewels was so on target with everything we talked about, it was amazing all the details that she knew .  It was like talking to your best friend that you had known your whole life. I don’t know where the time went, but we never made it to the second question…LOL I will be scheduling a paid reading in the near future to get the second question answered….:)

- Rhonda Alkire 

Thank you from my heart to yours Jewels. I loved my reading with you You have many AMAZING GIFTS ! You also have a huge Heart, and share yourself to bring others Peace, & hope.

- Tracy L Bradley 

Jewels did a reading for me today… She was so on point… And so sweet… I’d recommend her to anyone needing guidance.

- Christina Rutland Waters 

I had an awesome experience with the reading! The information was very informative and you answered all my questions. I would DEFINITELY recommend folks give you a try, they will not be disappointed. I will be back for another reading in the future.  I absolutely loved the first one I did so I had to come back when she offered the special. Once again she answered my questions perfectly and wasn’t afraid to tell me what I may not have wanted to hear. She is highly recommended for those looking for accuracy and feels like chatting with a friend.

- Glenda Jean-Louis Shoots 

  Loved my reading with Jewels!!! I was so happy afterwards and didn't want it to end; she brought a connection in spirit back to me for a short time, that I'll never forget!!!! I will be calling on Jewels again and I would recommend her to ANYONE!!!!! 

- Carrie Dozier    

I had a reading by Jewels Rafter a little over a week ago. I've waited to post a review, because I simply did not know how I could express how wonderful this beautiful spirit is without writing a book. :) So, here is the short version. :) Jewels is gentle, kind and loving. Her reading was very accurate and hit on some hard truths, but she delivered them gently, with kindness and sound advice. Jewels is truly a gifted reader, that I now consider a friend. I feel blessed that our paths crossed.  

- Lisa Jones   

I just had a reading with Jewels. It's hard to put words together to describe how wonderful she is. She is truly gifted. She was caring, honest, was spot on with everything and gave me insight and answers to uncertainties that I have with my life. I will defiantly be going back for more readings from her! Thanks Jewels you're amazing! 

- Jamie Ernest    

Had a reading with Jewels Rafter. Very accurate and right on point. Thanks love and light. 

-Nicole Wagner  

Jewels is brilliant, in every sense of the word. She has a light that radiates from her of such kindness and strength in her intuitive abilities. As well, she's wonderfully intelligent and encompasses all that is important for a good teacher to be. She is wise and encouraging and patient. She is also fearless and through that fearlessness, has urged me to be fearless as well and that was essential in breaking through the barriers that I had unknowingly created for myself and grow as a person and an intuitive.
-Katie O'Dacre