Unbalanced Relationships...

Every week I am privileged to listen to the intimate details of my clients’ personal lives. And I am grateful for the ability to help them find light at the end of the tunnel.A reoccurring theme that has appeared in my sessions this week is abusive and unbalanced relationships. Now I’m not going to share any specific details or names but I feel it’s important for people to acknowledge their self worth and to know that love is not supposed to hurt or leave physical or emotional scars. When someone truly loves you they treat you with respect and dignity. They support and encourage you to grow. They are there for you when you are struggling, they offer affection and kind words to you when you are weak. That my friends, is love…

Allowing another person to threaten, bully or beat you is detrimental to your spirit as it sends a message to the Universe that you are unworthy of love… Not unworthy of someone else’s love, but of your own SELF LOVE. Over time, the effects of abuse are disheartening. People start to believe that they are worthless, or stupid or weak. They believe their abuser’s lies and see themselves as broken or damaged goods.Life is too short to accept that this behavior is normal or acceptable. As difficult and scary as it may be, there is always a way out. When you decide to make a change, the Universe will have your back and allow you to move forward. Know that you are supported when you choose to love yourself enough to walk away from any form of abuse.To all those facing these challenges: I send you love, light, empathy and more understanding than you can possibly imagine…

Tiny Bubbles in the Sky...

Doing what I do for a living I am blessed with the ability to connect with passed loved ones. So I wanted to share another beautiful experience I had with one of my lovely clients.This dear soul came to me in search of some light at the end of the tunnel. As she walked into my office this beautiful 30 year old woman looked as though the life had been sucked right out of her. Her energy was so low and her face looked like she had not had any sleep in months. I just wanted to surround her with so much love that my heart ached. She sat down and instantly I felt a young boy by her side. The child looked like he was perhaps 4 or 5 years of age. We started the reading and she asked a few questions about her career and financial status. However I felt this was not the reason she was here. I felt a huge void around her and a sense of immense loss. The child’s energy was still very strong around her so I asked him why he was here. All I heard was that there were tiny bubbles in the sky.

Knowing that most messages that come through make no sense to me, I asked her if she understood what that message meant. She looked at me with wide eyes and burst into tears. She explained that a year ago she had lost her 4 year old son and her husband in a car accident. However prior to this huge loss, her father also passed away and she had to explain the concept of death to her child. She explained to her son that a persons spirit goes up to heaven like tiny bubbles do, when they float up to the sky.Her son was confirming that yes his spirit indeed floated up to heaven like tiny bubbles in the sky. We both sat there in tears feeling the love coming from this beautiful spirit. At that very moment she felt closure and her healing began…Although we may question whether life exists after death, I have seen time and time again that our spirit lives on. We simply move to another dimension and watch over our loved ones on the earth plane. If you have lost someone dear please know that they are not lost to us. But rather, they have moved on to a beautiful place and dimension where suffering and pain no longer exists. Talk to them, send them your love and quiet your mind. I promise that you will feel their presence surrounding you when you least expect it. Time heals the pain but not always the physical void. However there will always be a bond that holds them close to us….Sending you all love and light xxxJewels

Self-love is the Most Important Part...

There is a theme I have been seeing in my sessions with clients over the last while….A large number of people have simply accepted mediocrity within their relationships. By settling for someone who does not treat you well or takes you for granted, it sends a message out to the universe that you are unworthy of being loved authentically. Receiving love starts with self love…Take a step back, look at your relationship and ask yourself: am I receiving the kind of love I would give to someone else? Am I feeling uplifted, supported and appreciated? Or have I chosen to settle for mediocre experience that leaves me feeling unfulfilled like something is missing?

Love yourself enough to only accept the types of relationships that raise your vibrations. Know your self-worth by being authentic to yourself. We all deserve to be loved unconditionally.When you realize that you ARE WORTHY, then and only then, will you attract the same types of people into your life. Love yourself enough to step away from any abusive or unfulfilling relationships. And remember that you deserve the kind of love you would give someone else.

It's Ok to Grieve and Mourn...

Hello beautiful spirits xxx I wanted to share another fabulous experience I had with one of my clients recently….

She came to see me for a psychic reading and was in a very emotional state due to some traumatic recent experiences. After sitting down for 30 seconds, this lovely soul burst into tears. So I calmed her down with a box of tissues and a big hug and with that, we started her reading….We touched on a number of questions which were answered, but I could still feel that …her energy was still very heavy and low. This poor soul had been to hell and back and she was absolutely drained. She felt that life was not worth fighting for anymore and her anger towards God and the Universe was so strong that she decided that she would NEVER pray or love anyone again. The loss of a loved one affects everyone differently, and in this case my client had built up walls of protection and isolation around herself. She had shut everyone out, because for her, being close to others meant heartache and loss.

Throughout the whole reading all I wanted to do was wrap her up in the biggest bear hug and surround her with pink healing light to lift her spirits. She looked at me at one point and said…there is no heaven. I am certain that there is only hell here on earth and that’s it. I explained that we come to the earth plane to learn lessons and to grow from them, and in order to grow spiritually, the soul has to experience both positive and negative experiences. No one wants to lose someone they love under any circumstance. But then and only then, do we realize the true power of love…. And how it can break through any veil or barrier.And as the words came out of my mouth, the lights in the room flickered and there, on the window sill, was a tiny white feather. We looked at each other and knew right there that spirit was sending a message loud and clear…. We are here!!! We are always around you whether or not you see, hear or feel us. This was their way of confirming that the angels and our loved ones are always around us even in the afterlife. We both sat there with tears in our eyes and a smile on our faces. Once again, I was blessed with signs and confirmations from the afterlife…It’s ok to grieve and mourn the passing of a loved one; this is part of the long healing process. But try to remember when the pain subsides a bit, that our loved ones are only gone from this physical plane here on earth. Love from the other side is so powerful that it breaks boundaries and limits. Be grateful for the opportunity to have loved someone with all your heart. Because in the end, experiencing real love is what it’s all about. This is what drives the human spirit. So I urge you all, take a chance….go ahead and love your people with every bit of your heart and soul, and know that when their time comes, nothing will break the connection that love creates.Sending you all a rainbow filled with love, laughter and light. XXX

I LOVE My Clients...

I had a lady come see me for a reading and I am still laughing at her insights which were too funny not to share…Many people come for a reading looking for advice about their relationships or marriages. Now one lovely lady, in particular, had been married for more than 40 years. Unfortunately, her beloved had passed away a year ago and she found herself single again at 72. Since she was a woman full of life and energy, so she decided to start dating again. Her children and grandchildren however, were not happy about this choice. They thought she was too old to have boyfriends and it was improper to date or, even think about being intimate with another adult.

This lovely soul, however, did not care what others thought. She explained to me: Jewels, at my age, when you meet someone who touches your soul, its more than ok to let them touch your butt!!! He can see my soul, so why shouldn’t he get a handful? I almost choked on my tea as the words came out of her mouth. I laughed but at the same time I actually understood what she meant.It can happen at any point in our lives, we may be 19, 40 or 75, and if we are lucky, we connect with another soul and everything just flows, you become one. You don’t have to be young or a specific age to feel spiritually or energetically connected to another soul. We are more than just human…we are energy and spirit. It happens to all of us, we search for something more… a spiritual connection, a partner that sees and recognizes the real us inside, not the outer shell.For those of you having found that beautiful connection, be grateful as you are truly blessed. For those still searching for a soulmate connection, continue to be the beautiful spirit you want to attract. What we think, we become. So radiate love, and be everything you wish to see in the world, I promise you, the Universe will have your back…A huge thank you to all my clients for sharing a part of your lives with me. I am beyond grateful to be part of some fabulous stories as well as the most heartbreaking and touching ones as well xxx Without my beautiful clients, I couldn’t do what I do.

Allow Yourself to Feel

We are not superhuman...and that's perfectly acceptable. The universe throws numerous challenges and obstacles our way and sometimes, it becomes too much to handle.  

Occasionally we crumble inside, other times we want to scream or get angry at others. In some circumstances, we even feel the need to become a hermit, hide ourselves away and disconnect from the outside world.  This too, is perfectly acceptable.  

Certain emotions and feelings need the time to be processed and dealt with on our own way. Do not beat yourself up or feel that you are a failure when you lose your composure or feel like you don't have the answers.  

The key is not to get stuck in this negative frame of mind or let it deplete us completely. We carry within ourselves everything we need to make progress on our paths of self realization.  We always have the power to decide how we will react to these challenges and whether or not we let negativity consume us completely. Just be present with what is flowing through you and ask the universe to heal your fears and provide you with support during the times of weakness. 

Our inner world has a magnetic force that draws us to what we need to evolve to the next level. Happiness is a permanent aspect of our inner spirit and is not separate from us at any point. This enables us to rebuild ourselves and strengthen the aspects that have weakened within us. 

See the crumbling as an opportunity to rebuild yourself and become stronger and more resilient than before.  See the challenges as opportunities to learn from these experiences and provide you with the wisdom to face the world with insights and knowledge should this challenge rear its face once again.

We are resilient, and determined and strong. Sometimes, you just have to remind yourself that you are spirit within a human body.  Tap into that inner light, and let it raise you up to where you need to be.

Sending tons of love and light your way... xx Jewels

I Don't See Color...

I don’t see color... I never have. I only see the inner light in people. I know that might sound strange, but in my eyes, loving someone means I love the inner essence of them. That’s all I see, so nothing else matters. 

When I was growing up my father would always say to me: “Jewels it doesn’t matter what nationality or color your friends are... whether they’re black, white, purple or green. They are all welcome in our home because inside we are all made the same. Our hearts beat, our blood runs through our veins and we all feel love” His words have always stuck and resonated with me on a deep level. He was a good man who loved all walks of life. That’s why he connected with so many different people in his lifetime and made an impact. Thanks to my dad’s wisdom, on a subconscious level, I stopped seeing the color or people’s skin too. I focused sensing their energy instead. 

So my message to you is this... In a world that thrives so much on hate and destructive behaviours, be a force of change. I ask you to love and accept others unconditionally. Make a conscious choice to turn off the ability to see color. Regardless of where people come from or what color their skin is, we will always remain the same species... human beings.

Relationship with Yourself

Many of my clients come to me in search of healing, clarity or looking for light at the end of the tunnel.  Life is too much to handle and everything around them appears to be in chaos.  It may seem that they are victims of circumstance, however I have learnt over the years that nothing is more important than the relationship people have with themselves. Your internal relationship with self affects how you handle and juggle the stresses of the external world, it dictates whether you are a victim or a survivor and it determines whether you have the capacity to heal and learn from your experiences. 

When you have a genuinely honest relationship with yourself, you begin to find your inner power.  You see, we always have a choice to determine how we perceive ourselves:  weak or strong, good or bad. We have the ability to consciously choose how we want to react to our challenges. It all comes down to how you see yourself.  If you believe that you are a perfectly imperfect human, with a tendency of making mistakes, chances are that you will accept defeat and get back up again.  You will not criticize yourself and see your mistakes as failures, but rather understand that life lessons are often learned the hard way.  In these hard times you will see opportunity to better yourself and try harder going forward. You will rise to the challenge of becoming a better version of you instead of letting that negative inner dialogue take over.

When you shift the relationship you have with your inner spirit, you awaken the possibilities of growth and empowerment. In a world where we are criticized and judged on the external, make sure that your internal connection has your back and wants you to shine come hell or high water...

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